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Joe Metcalf, SUPERSTAR!!!

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5 notes "Dear Hash you can surely hurt me a lot when you want to. About the platform and the train. Lord— I thot I was loving you— If I wasnt I never could and never would love any one. Guess I was thinking too much about how I didn’t want you to go— Don’t you believe I love you? Dunno how I can make you believe.
I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye—that was the trouble— I wanted to kiss you good night— and there’s a lot of difference. ’ couldn’t bear the thought of you going away when you were so very dear and necessary and all pervading.
Suppose when you tell me how nice Dick is and so on I ought to counter with how enjoyable it is to dance with Maydlyn and how nice she looks top-side of a horse and so on—but when I think of anyone in comparison with you — You are so much dearer and I love you so much— what odds kidding along about them.
’ Course I love you— I Love you all the time—when I wake up in the morning and have to climb out of bed and splash around and shave— I look at your picture and think about you—and that’s a pretty deadly part of day as you know and a good test of loving any one.
And in the evening— It’s too much to stand— Sure go on—go to the party with Dick but maybe once pretend I’m there—…
‘Night my dearest Hash— I’d like to hold you so and kiss you so that you wouldn’t doubt whether I wanted to or not—
Love you—

Ernest Hemingway to Hadley Richardson, December 23, 1920

Vanity Fair

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Bingo! Incase you missed the borderline rape monologue from DCM’s Assscat, and wanted to be shocked by it first hand, it starts at 38 minutes.